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Outstanding Posters…

Karate Poster 1-min
MD Safety Poster 1-min
Vaping Ape Poster 1-min
Karaoke Night Poster 1-min

Outstanding Pull up banners…

First of all, our printing is high calibre 12 x Colour Printing:  (2400 x 1200 dpi), as used in art galleries and as found in top photographic studios.

Most notably, our wide-format printed adhesive vinyl includes media width up to 44″ (1118 mm). Furthermore, can be finished in either in Matt or Gloss.

Introducing Magnetic Signs by Digital Media Warriors:

First of all, we deliver nothing less than “High Calibre Signage”.

Above all, get the results you + your business deserves!

Most noteworthy is the use of 12 x colour pigment inks in the reproduction of designs and images. Also, the use of high-quality vinyl. To sum up, the equivalent printing to that used in Art Galleries + Professional Photographic Studios.

 Adhesive Vinyl for Printing + Application to Suitable Surfaces including:

 Internal Foam-ex Signs.

 External Aluminum Fabricated Signage Systems.

 Illuminated BackLit LED Posters/Menus.

 Vinyl Banners, Internal and External.

 Pull-Ups Cassette, with Printed Vinyl Banners.

“High Calibre… Magnetic Signs

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