Our overall aim with “ROCHDALE WARRIORS KARATE CLUB” was to create a brand that attracted more students. Help the club grow stronger and be a long-term sustainable business. Our success is there for everyone to see, the membership as soared, the mat is full, no more places are available as we have created a monster in the best possible term. Now everyone wants to join and be a part of ROCHDALE WARRIORS KARATE CLUB. We have succeeded in our mission to ensure the club lived up to its motto of … get faster | fitter | stronger | better
#grow_stronger | #live_stronger

Our first and most successful campaign to date in the world of martial arts. The club teaches “Shukokai Karate” to both children and adults including Kihon, Kata & Bunkai, Kumite and self-defence. Chief Instructor and founder Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan has over 45 years experience practicing, competing, teaching and refereeing karate. Rochdale Warriors Karate Club is a proud member of the SKU Shukokai Karate Union est 1969

We re-designed all their branding, logo’s, strap lines the promotional messages, developed strong marketing campaigns and presence with creative identities to attract and recruit new members JUNIOR & SEASONED WARRIORS including club MASCOTS “HIRO & YOSHI” who are popular and go down well with both the children  alike!


get fitter | faster | stronger



We have been so successful that we have had to stop actively promoting the club for the time being as there was no further available slots for training or room on the mats. As per Sensei Damien own words to us “I never thought I’d have to say this but can we stop promoting the club, we have created a monster, there is no room for any more students” less than 10 months from when we had taken over the marketing of the club.


Now having increased the student membership to such a level it is safe to say the future looks secure. WARRIORS with ourselves have achieved the main objective to make the club grow stronger and ensure it’s a long term sustainable. The additional income from the growth in membership as been put to good use by Sensei Damien, he as been able to invest further in the club with new equipment, new branded team clothing, along with a number of other
initiatives including free events and awards for the students along with a professional photo shoot to support the launch of an exciting new club magnetic website developed and hosted by ourselves. Retention along with the growth of students is very high as everyone want’s to be a part of the ROCHDALE WARRIORS KARATE CLUB revolution…

the path to marketing victory


“You Gain! when We Campaign!”